Property Developments

Over the years we have built a lot of work and experience in all kinds of property developments. We can help with site finding and feasibility work, right through to the completion of the build on site. Whether the development is big or small, we will bring a clear understanding of finance, and strong skills in maximising value. Add this to our talent for design, and our track record in leading the team, and we are the ideal architects to support your next development.

Developments - 2PM Architects

Property Development Design Ideas

Our design skill can make the difference between a good development and a great one. This is about maximising value, and creating a design that is right for the project, the area, and the return. As with all work, clear goals are the best way to start, and we can help to look at the feasibility of a site and the best approach to take. Our work includes new homes, flats, residential and mixed-use schemes, large and small offices, schools and health care projects. We have worked in the UK and abroad, including in China.

Planning A Development

We are experts in development planning and leading the design team. We find that clear communication is key to a great project. Not only in the design and client team, but also in how we reach out to external stakeholders. Often the success of a development can hinge on bringing these key players on side, whether they are planners, partners, local bodies or contractors. We do this well, and pride ourselves on our design and leadership skills equally.