House Extensions

House extensions can really transform a home. Great extensions create more than just extra space, they can add a lot of value to the house. A well-designed extension should build on the unique character of your home. Don’t settle for a standard box! There is so much more that an extension can achieve. The best part of the process for us is seeing the amazing impact that an extension can have for our clients.

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Extension Design Ideas

We love extensions, and working to create our clients’ dream spaces. This is always individual, and our extension design ideas will reflect the house and the design brief. We know extensions are small projects but we treat each one with the care and attention it deserves. These are our clients’ homes after all! Contact Us anytime to discuss your house extension.

Planning An Extension

For most clients there is a specific reason behind planning an extension. This could be to get an extra bedroom or two, perhaps to create more living space, a bigger kitchen, or maybe to change the look of the house. Let’s sit down together over a coffee and talk through your goals. It’s great to have a clear brief from the word go. Often just chatting it through can help to show all the options.

House Extensions From Design Ideas To Completion

We can take your extension project from the first design ideas right through to completion of the extension on site.

1 Extension Design Brief

We will discuss the ideas for the extension together. The brief sets out the aims for the project. This could be something simple like a bigger brighter living space. Or it could be very specific like a two-storey rear extension with lots of glass, a new kitchen, and an extra bedroom on with an ensuite bath, for 100k and done by Christmas. We can all dream!

2 Extension Concept Design

The concept design stage is all about extension design ideas. This is where the magic happens. We will make a 3D computer model of the house and show you the options for the extension design. We can look at the pros and cons together to help decide on the design of extension to go for and what will best fit the house and brief.

3 Extension Planning Design

This is where our planning skills kick in. We take the extension design to the next level, and with years of experience we know how to get approval. The key is knowing how planning policy should inform the design. We will handle the planning forms and statements and submit the whole application for you. We will also deal with any questions from the Council.

4 Extension Technical Design

The Technical Design shows how to build the extension. From the walls, floor and roof, to windows, doors, insulation and structure. We can take care of arranging an engineer to design any steels, and submit for Building Regs. We will discuss the choices for interior design, finishes, bathrooms, kitchens and write a detailed spec to go with the drawings. There’s a lot to do at this stage!

5 Extension Construction

It’s usual to go to tender to 3 or 4 contractors to get the best price for the extension – we will help to make sure they are good ones! Once the build starts we will come to site regularly to check progress and that everything is just right. We have high standards! We will give the contractor any instructions needed and certify when payments are due to them.

6 Extension Completion

It’s done, you’re in! Hopefully you are enjoying all the new space. We are still checking that everything is perfect. It’s usual to hold back the last few % of payment to the builder for the first year. We will come back to make sure that no problems have come up and you are happy, and then issue our final certificate. And that’s it!

Types Of House Extension

Each extension is unique, but it can be useful to think of them in terms of the main types of house extension. This can also help when planning the type of extension that’s right for your house.

Single Storey Rear Extension

A single storey rear extension is a great way to add more living space to a house. Opening up a bigger room and creating more light can make a huge difference.

Two Storey Rear Extension

A two-storey rear extension can add value to a house with an extra bedroom. A two-storey build costs less per square metre of new floor space than a single storey.

Single Storey Side Extension

A single storey side extension can work well for to add new rooms, or to make the main rooms of the house wider.

Side Return Extension

A side return extension is often build on to a Victorian terrace to infill the closet wing. A modern design with glass roof can really open up the side and back of the house.

Two Storey Side Extension

Two storey side extensions need careful planning to get approval. They can be great for adding bedrooms and living space.

Kitchen Extension

Most extensions we do involve a new kitchen design. It is the heart of the home and for some a new kitchen extension is the main idea of the project.

Extension Drawings And Permissions

Working with an architect like 2PM Architects is the best way to ensure you get the drawings and approvals you need.

Planning Approval For Extensions

We can take care of planning from the design, drawings and forms, through to any questions from the planners.

Permitted Development Extensions

PD gives the right to build some types of extension without planning. We have a post on Permitted Development Guidance for extensions.

Building Regulations For Extensions

We know exactly what the building inspector needs to give plans check approval. This is an important step at the end of the extension Technical Design.

House Extension Costs

We know that for a lot of our clients this will be the first time they have done a house extension, so will need guidance on extension costs. We have written a post with lots of advice on cost and an extension cost calculator which you can use here. How Much Does An Extension Cost?

House Extensions Advice

Get in touch with any questions and we will be happy to help. You might also like to have a look at some of these posts.