The dream for many people is to find a plot of land and build their own house. This is a chance to build your own Grand Design so aim high and enjoy it! We love working with our clients on these projects. A new build house is a blank canvas that is full of opportunity. We have the skill to maximise it, and to make sure that the house really does live up to the dream!

Houses - 2PM Architects

House Design Ideas

The first step in creating design ideas for a new house is to sit down and discuss the brief. We can help with the right questions to ask. What budget is right for the work? How big should the house be? What planning conditions will apply to the house? Should we look at sustainable design? Are there any special space requirements? Do you like modern or traditional builds? From the brief we can get cracking with design ideas and options to consider. This is the fun bit!

Planning A New House

Working in 3D means that you will get to see the house before it is built. We do all our projects this way. It’s a great way to make sure that the house design is exactly what you want and ticks all the boxes. Combine this with our planning and technical knowledge and you are on to a winner. Once planning permission is secured we can continue to guide you all the way through to the finished build. Roll on moving in day!