Blackheath Extension

Single Storey Glass Side Return Extension

Planning Approval. Westcombe Park Conservation Area, Blackheath

Blackheath Extension 02

Side Return Extension

Our clients got in touch with us as they were thinking of a side return extension. They had a beautiful Victorian terraced house in the Westcombe Park Conservation Area in Blackheath. But the kitchen was land locked in the middle of the house with no link to the garden, and there was a tired old utility lean-to at the side. We looked at the house and knew straight away that we could make a great change to improve the space.

Glass Box Roof

Our design takes down the old utility space and opens up the side of the house to a full depth side return extension with a glass box roof. This made the living room wider and opened up the space to the kitchen to give the house a much better flow. The glass box roof and large glass pivot door bring lots of natural light in to (what used to be) a dark space.

Blackheath Planning Approval

As the house is in a conservation area, we made sure that our design would get approval from the Council. High quality design and a good choice of materials always help. Our planning application was approved by the Royal Borough of Greenwich planners on the first go.

Living Room Extension

A key part of our design is how the old meets with the new. We did not shy away from this, and set up a direct relationship between the old bay window and the new super modern glass. The space is designed to work in harmony and feel like one large room. This is helped by the existing herringbone floor which has been extended in to the new side return.

Blackheath Extension 01
Blackheath Extension 03

Kitchen Extension Design

The new kitchen is open to the side return extension so the space now flows in to the living room. Our clients are so much more happy with this new bright space than their old small kitchen. Our clients chose high spec kitchen fittings and the kitchen team were flown in from Germany to fit the whole thing in a couple of days. It is kind of perfect!

Blackheath Extension 05

Built In Joinery

The whole flank wall of the side return extension is lined with built in joinery. This gives tons of super useful storage space to the house, and adds character. You can never have too many cupboards, shelves and hidey-holes in our view!

Extended Family Space

The whole space has been designed to work well for a modern growing family. Gone are the days when the kitchen can be a small space cut off from the rest of the house. Let’s celebrate it and make the space work for modern life. Here children can play in the garden or living room and be seen and heard from the kitchen. But although the rooms flow together without doors they each have their own unique feel and design.

Blackheath Extension 04