China Offices

China Offices 01

Office Development Design

Invited Competition

Ordos, China

China Offices Creative Design

We produced the creative design for this huge office scheme in China.

The project is in the Gobi Desert and had to respond well to the tough site conditions.

Office Design Brief

The brief included over 20,000 m2 of office space, as well as car parking, public spaces and an art gallery.

China Offices 02

Sustainable Design

Our plan has a strong focus on sustainable design. Green architecture was one of the key drivers for the design of the project.

The project has 4 buildings that are placed on the site for the best energy use.

China Offices 03

Green Offices

Wind turbines are placed to use the strong desert breeze, with an 80m long photovoltaic screen to create more power.

Each building has a central atrium with fresh air drawn in at ground level. This reduces the need for AC and the stack effect drives down energy use.

China Offices 04
China Offices 05

UK RIBA Architects in China

The project provides more than 20,000 m2 of new office space.

It is part of a wider project for this part of the Gobi Desert that is set up by China in the Ordos 20:20 brief. This international scheme involved architects from across the world. Our design was selected as the leading UK entry.

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