Ealing Extension

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Two Storey Rear Extension

Planning, Conservation Area

Ealing, West London

Modern Extension Design

Our clients had lived in their home in Ealing, West London for 10 years. The house was big, but the kitchen and dining spaces were divided, and living space felt cramped. Externally, the back of the existing house was a bit of a hotchpotch of extensions and alternations that had been added over the years.

Our clients dreamt of a modern extension with space for entertaining, and a big dining area for family get-togethers. So they asked us to come up with architectural design ideas to unify and extend the back of the house, and to give them a big dining space open to the garden.

Two Storey House Extension

Our design replaces the old extensions and alterations with a crisp, modern extension in bronze cladding that works with the tone of the existing red brickwork. At the heart of the design is an open plan kitchen extension that opens directly on to the garden, and has room for the whole family to sit.

The two storey extension makes a great new study on the first floor, with a picture window that looks out over the garden and brings natural light in. The bronze cladding has deep, angled reveals that provide depth and shading as well as containing the supporting structure.

Ealing Extension 02

Modern Design In A Conservation Area

The house is in a Conservation Area in a beautiful part of Ealing. Because our clients wanted a unique extension it was clear from the outset that they needed a great design to get planning permission.

It can be tough to get permission for modern design in a Conservation Area. But we worked closely with the local planning policy, and came up with design ideas that we felt would get through. Our planning drawings won the Conservation Officer’s support, who praised the way that the design of the extension enhanced the house.

Ealing Council Planning Approval

With our understanding of planning policy we achieved Planning Permission from Ealing Council on the first go. We’ve written a post on how to get planning permission in Ealing and the planning drawings you will need: Planning Guide by London Borough – Ealing

Ealing Extension Plans
Ealing Extension Drawings
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Ealing Extension 03

Ealing Kitchen Extension

Our design is all about creating a family space that works well. Large sliding glass doors create a bright open feel to the kitchen and dining space.

The architectural design is open plan, and is great space to get the whole family together. In the summer it opens straight on to the garden. And a big roof light makes sure that the kitchen is always well lit.

Extension Design Bronze Cladding

The choice of bronze cladding gives the extension a unique feel. Over time the bronze weathers to a rich brown colour that works well with the red brickwork of the house.

As well as being beautiful, the bronze is very practical and has a 100+ year life. We used a standing seam detail on the bronze that was hand folded on site.

Ealing Extension Video

As well as architectural drawings, we built a model to show our clients their house extension design in detail. You can see the change from existing to proposed here.

Ealing Extension 05
Ealing Extension 06
Ealing Extension 07

Utility Room Extension

We have planned a new utility room and cloakroom, adding some very useful storage. It can also be accessed from the front of the house, so makes a fantastic boot room.

Two Storey Extension Design

On the first floor we have created a valuable new study with a picture window to the garden. We had originally planned timber louvres for privacy on the outside of the glass, but when it was built our clients loved the view of the garden so much that in the end we left them off!

Interior Design and Joinery Drawings

We worked with an interior designer to create a warm and homely feel to the extension design. The design work included some great bespoke joinery for storage of cloaks and boots, and the refurbishment of the existing period hallway floor.

Ealing Extension 08

AJ Small Projects Awards, Best London House Extensions

Our design was put forward for the Architects Journal Small Projects Awards 2016 as one of the best architectural designs for a house extension in London. Photos, details and architectural drawings of our work are on the AJ Awards page here.

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Ealing Extension 10

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