Enfield Extension

Enfield Extension

Our clients had raised their family in this house in Enfield, and wanted to re-imagine the house in a new light. Their time was split between homes in Spain and London, and they wanted this house to be something special.

Our brief was to transform the house with a large new living space, master bedroom suite, art studio and swimming pool.

The house is in the Southgate Green Conservation Area so it was clear that our design would need to be sensitive. Our response kept the front of the house unchanged but replaced the back entirely.

We worked through the design options with our clients and produced our own working models to make the design clear. This was a great process and enjoyable for us and our clients alike.

The final design was to extend the entire back of the house over three stories and to add a basement for the pool. We created a new roof form, perfect for the art studio, with huge glass ends giving great views and light. We planned the ground and first floors as almost entirely glass, with a sculptural bronze frame providing the structure. The swimming pool stretched under living space and out under the garden with walk-on heated glass roof lights.

Our design was given full support and Planning Permission by Enfield. The case officer commented that it was one of the best designed projects they had seen.

Southgate Green Conservation Area
North London

London Borough of Enfield