Finchley Refurbishment

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Extensions, Loft Conversion and Refurbishment

Planning + Permitted Development

East Finchley, London

Full House Refurbishment

Our clients bought this house in East Finchley to be their family home. But it was in a tired state, and in need of a full refurbishment.

Our clients had some ambitious ideas for extensions. They approached us just after they had exchanged contracts, so that we could get going with the architectural design work while they completed on the house purchase. This meant that we could visit the house and come up with a number of ideas to discuss to help set a good design brief.

Design Brief

The house had an old, unused loft space, and it was clear that this had lots of potential for a loft conversion to add bedrooms. Our clients had 4 children that each needed a bedroom, so this was important.

The other main part of the architectural design brief was to add side and rear extensions, and to create a big space for family living, with a new large, bright kitchen and dining area. A cinema room and a home office were also needed, as well as plenty of utility and storage spaces.

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East Finchley Extension Planning Permission

Planning Permission in Finchley can be a challenge for such a large amount of work. Planning Approval for the extensions was fine, but the loft conversion added gable-ends and dormers, making the roof much bigger to get 2 new bedrooms and bathroom.

We came up with a solution to split the design drawings in to separate Planning and Permitted Development applications. We used PD rights to win approval for all the roof changes, and Planning Approval for the extensions.

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Planning + Permitted Development Drawings

Sometimes using both Planning and Permitted Development rights can be the only way to win approval for large amounts of work like this. We’ve written a post that gives detailed guidance on how to use Permitted Development rights for house extensions and loft conversions: Permitted Development Guidance. The architectural drawings you need for a permitted development application are very similar to Planning drawings.

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Finchley Single Storey Rear Extension

Our architectural design for the rear extension creates a fantastic family space with 7m wide sliding glass doors. The space opens completely on to the garden in the summer.

A very large frameless glass roof light brings lots of natural day light in to the kitchen and dining area. The side extension is accessed through a sliding door from the kitchen, and neatly contains the pantry, store and utility rooms.

Finchley Refurbishment Plans
Finchley Refurbishment Drawings
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Interior Design and Bathroom Drawings

The interior design of the house is a real feature of the project. We worked hard with our clients to make sure that each room was to their taste.

In the family bathroom we carefully planned the exact position and colour of each tile to make sure that the pattern was just right!

Finchley Loft Conversion Design

We designed the roof extensions to maximise space in the bedrooms, and created an extra bathroom. Each of the 2 new bedrooms is bright, with great views out over the garden. The house is in an elevated part of East Finchley so this is a great part of the design.

To give a feeling of even more space, the bedrooms have frameless glass rooflights set in to the dormer roofs. This increasing the head height in the rooms and brings light in to the study spaces in each room.

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Refurbishment Cost and Energy Use

The energy use of the house has been drastically reduced with new triple glazed timber windows, and insulated render at the side and rear of the house. This has brought energy bills right down, to almost the level of a modern new build house. So although at the front the house looks traditional for this part of East Finchley, it is modern throughout.

For an idea of costs for refurbishment and house extensions check out our post and instant cost calculator: How Much Does An Extension Cost?

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