Finchley Refurbishment

Single Storey Extensions, Loft Conversion and Refurbishment

Planning and Permitted Development Approvals. East Finchley, London

Finchley Refurbishment 01

Full House Refurbishment

Our clients bought this house in East Finchley to be their family home.

It was in need of a full refurbishment, and our clients had some ambitious ideas for extensions.

Design Brief

The brief was to add large side and rear extensions, and to convert the loft to add 2 bedrooms.

Finchley Refurbishment 02

Planning and Permitted Development

We had a challenge to get over the local planning policy, for such a large amount of work. Our planning expertise allowed us to come up with a solution.

This involved a mix of Permitted Development and Planning approvals. It worked and we achieved full permission.

Finchley Refurbishment 03
Finchley Refurbishment 04
Finchley Refurbishment 05

Finchley Single Storey Rear Extension

Our design for the rear extension creates a fantastic family space with 7m wide sliding glass doors. The space opens completely on to the garden in the summer.

Finchley Refurbishment 08
Finchley Refurbishment 06
Finchley Refurbishment 07

Interior Design and Bathrooms

The interior design of the house is a feature of the project.

We planned the position and colour of each tile in the bathroom to ensure the pattern was right!

Finchley Loft Conversion and Extension

We designed the roof extensions to maximise space in the bedrooms, and created an extra bathroom.

The energy use of the house has been reduced with new timber windows and insulated render.

Finchley Refurbishment 10
Finchley Refurbishment 12
Finchley Refurbishment 09
Finchley Refurbishment 11