Preston Bus Station

Preston Bus Station 01

Bus Station Redevelopment

RIBA Architectural Design Competition

Preston, England

Listed Building Refurbishment

Preston Bus Station is an icon. It is a Grade II listed building built 50 years ago.

In 2016 design entries were sought for a new £13m youth zone to be linked with the station.

Architectural Design Ideas

Our design entry sets up the youth zone as a beacon and an activity hub for the area.

The new building opens on to a public realm which is designed to be full of life, with a giant screen and performance space.

New Building Design

We designed the youth zone building with folded metal cladding that peels back to show the inside. The metal is perforated so that it glows at night with the lights of the building behind. This brings a sense of activity and connects the building to the public realm.

RIBA Press and Publications

The design brief was complex and called for a wide range of spaces. We planned the interior of the youth zone to deal with all this, with skate park, open air kick pitch and climbing wall.

Our work was published on the RIBA website and in the press.

Preston Bus Station 02

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