Richmond Extension

Richmond Extension 01

Side and Rear Extension

Planning Approval

Richmond Upon Thames, London

Modern Rear Extension

We started work on this project as our clients were buying the house. It was a great property that backed on to Richmond Park. But the place had a tired conservatory on the back that our clients wanted to take down, and the house was in need of a lot of work.

We advised our clients on their options as they completed their purchase, and worked with them to set a design brief. Key to the project was to update and extend the ground floor to create a modern family home.

Floating Glass Corner

Our architectural design idea was to open up the structure of the house at the back, and to construct a new extension with a ‘floating’ frameless glass corner. The idea was to open the house to the garden and give a seamless opening between inside and out.

This lets loads of light in to the space, and creates an external courtyard like patio space for dining outside. The house enjoys great views of Richmond Park which the extension design maximises by opening up the rear.

Richmond Extension 11

Grass Roof Over Extension

We wanted to do something much better than a standard grey flat roof. Our clients loved the idea of an architectural design that would complement the views of Richmond Park from the first floor, so we have used a green roof over the extension.

The roof finish is Sedum grass that blooms vibrant red and green tones in the Spring. It looks great from the bedrooms on the first floor, as well as reducing energy use due to the high thermal mass. Plus it was useful for the bio-diversity statements that we did to get Planning Permission from Richmond.

Richmond Extension 02

Richmond Extension Planning Permission

It can be difficult to get planning permission for modern house extension designs like this in Richmond upon Thames. But we made sure that our design drawings got planning permission by getting the right balance between the size of the extension and a sensitive response to the site. The extension roof steps down to a lower height at the boundary, winning the support of the neighbours. While away from the boundary the roof is higher, giving a fantastic ceiling height and a feeling of space. Check out this post for Planning Guidance and how to put together planning drawings for approval in Richmond: Planning Drawings Guidance By London Borough – Richmond upon ThamesĀ 

Richmond Extension Plans
Richmond Extension Drawings
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Richmond Extension 04

Original Character Of The House

Our clients loved the character of the original house – it was one of the reasons they were buying it – and so it was important to reflect this in the architectural design drawings.

We used original London yellow stock bricks reclaimed from a building of the same period for the walls. This was great, so that the extension matches perfectly with the house.

The design also uses the same reclaimed brickwork internally to add warmth to the new interior spaces. Up-Down wall lights pick out the texture of the brickwork really well, adding more character, especially at night.

Richmond Extension Glass Roof Lights

If a large house extension is not well designed it can make the space rather dark.

In our design we have made sure that the space is full of bright natural light, by using two very large glass roof lights to bring lots of natural light in to the new kitchen and living room.

The roof lights appear completely frameless from the interior, and as the glass is completely flat, at night they can be used for star-gazing, or (with the lights fitted to the reveals of each roof light turned on) as light sources.

Richmond Extension 06
Richmond Extension 07

Structural Polished Concrete Fin

With this much opening up of the back of the original house the structural engineering design for the extension was very important. We merged the structural engineering and the architectural design by using a structural fin wall to divide the space between the kitchen and the dining room. The concrete was cast and polished on site as a feature of the design.

Richmond Extension 09
Richmond Extension 08

Richmond Kitchen Extension Design

We designed the kitchen to sit towards the back of the newly extended space so that it had easy access to the utility room and garage.

The kitchen planning drawings showed every detail. From the overall layout, to the interior of each cupboard and drawer.

Then the kitchen itself was flown in from Germany, along with a team of fitters, taking just 3 days to complete a perfect installation on site. Due to the precision of the design, unlike most installations, the worktop was installed at the same time and did not need to be templated and fitted at a later date.

Richmond Extension 10
Richmond Extension 05

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