Ruislip Extension

Ruislip Extension 01

Single Storey Extension

Planning Approval

Ruislip, North West London

Rear Extension Architectural Design

The brief for this single storey extension in Ruislip was to create a large and bright open plan room. But our clients also wanted something different and were keen for us to give them our ideas.

So we worked on architectural drawings for an extension design that would work well with their plans, and would look great.

Interior Design and Structural Changes

Our idea was a design that took out the rear structural wall to open up the space to a new kitchen. This left the whole front of the space for dining and living zones that can be open to the garden.

On the exterior our architectural design uses a dark timber cladding and wide sliding-folding glass doors. This is set off with a wildflower grass roof.

Ruislip Kitchen Extension Design

Our extension design created a large space for the kitchen deeper in the plan, and gave the open plan space our clients were looking for. In planning the extension, we kept the kitchen design bright and airy with a large glass roof light in the new extension roof above. We did detailed architectural drawings of the kitchen, and plans for every unit so that the kitchen worked really well. Like many houses in Ruislip, this house has a lovely garden and our design maximises this with great views from the new kitchen island.

Extension Material Ideas

The extension has a twist in the use of materials. We have clad the outside in cedar boards, stained black to give a crisp, modern feel to the design. In contrast the roof is soft and full of colour. It is a green roof which uses sedum grass and wild flowers. The blends well with the garden and creates a modern extension that is in balance with the house. The grass roof is also a great idea for insulation, and reduces energy use and bills. And the timber construction meant that the extension could be built to a tight timescale, which was important for our clients on this project.

Extension Design and Planning Permission in Ruislip

We submitted a householder planning application, with architectural drawings and supporting statements, and we won full planning approval for our design on the first go. We’ve written a post on how to get Planning Approval for an extension in Ruislip, and the architectural drawings you’ll need. It’s a good idea to follow the design guidance that the Council publish on their website, and to make sure that the architectural design and planning drawings you submit tick all the boxes. Check out our Ruislip Planning Guide to help Planning Design Guide by London Area – Ruislip or just get in touch with us.

START YOUR OWN Ruislip Extension

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