St Johns Wood Extension

Basement, Extensions, Loft Conversion and Full Refurbishment

Planning and Permitted Development Approvals. St Johns Wood Conservation Area, London

St Johns Wood Extension 01

Full House Design

This project is a bit more than an extension! Our client wanted to completely change the layout of house and to add a large basement.

Demolish and Rebuild

The best way to do this was to take the house down (except the front façade) and rebuild it from scratch. That way it could be exactly as our client wanted it.

Roof Extensions

We were able to add a bedroom on the top floor, and create a great new master bedroom suite on the first floor. But the focus of the new house is the brand new living space.

St Johns Wood Extension 02

Front and Rear Extensions

We have dropped the ground floor level to give the space a great ceiling height. Our client wanted a new kitchen at the front of the house, and this flows into the first of two new living areas.

St Johns Wood Extension 03

Glass Box Extension

At the rear we have planned a glass box extension which connects the ground floor and basement. This contains a bespoke stair that is open to the double height space. The living space flows down to the lower level where the is a cinema space, guest room and outside courtyard.

St Johns Wood Extension 04
St Johns Wood Extension 05

St Johns Wood Conservation Area

The house is in the St Johns Wood Conservation Area so we had to plan all of the changes to the house carefully. We wanted the glass box to be modern, and balanced this with a more traditional style at the front.

Planning Approval

This worked and we won the support of the planning officer and we were granted permission first go.