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Extensions, Basement & Refurbishment

Planning, Conservation Area

St John’s Wood, London

St Johns Wood Architectural Design

This project is a bit more than an extension! Our client had just bought a house in St Johns Wood, but wanted to completely change the layout and to add an extension and a large basement under the whole house.

Demolish and Rebuild

The best way to do this was to take the house down (except a bit of the front fa├žade) and rebuild it from scratch. That way the architectural design of the new house could be exactly as our client wanted it.

New House, Extensions and Basement

The house is in the St Johns Wood Conservation Area, just a hundred metres from Regents Park. Planning Permission in this part of St Johns Wood is not easy, but with great design and planning strategy we could get approval.

Our plans involved taking down the whole house, so we were able to put a basement under the whole extended footprint. This adds huge value, which our design maximises by making the basement bright and airy, connected to the ground floor by a double-height glass space and feature stair.

At the back of the house, the first extension is a glass box that contains the feature stair and floods the space with natural light. A second, two storey extension at the front of the house creates a much more spacious entrance on ground floor, and a new bathroom on first floor. While a third, roof extension creates an extra bedroom and ensuite.

Planning Permission St Johns Wood Conservation Area

We produced detailed architectural design drawings, and came up with a planning strategy to get approval:

  1. A planning application to demolish and rebuild the existing house.
  2. A second planning application for the basement and extensions.
  3. A permitted development application for the roof extensions.

We also produced the required planning statements to support the work within the St Johns Wood Conservation Area. All 3 applications were successful and planning was approved for our design in full.

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St Johns Wood Extension 1

Bespoke Design Details

Part of the beauty of a brand new architecturally designed home is that every detail can be bespoke. Once the overall layout of the house had been designed we worked with our clients to look at all the details, from where and how the kitchen would work, to the position of all the lights and switches, and every bit of built-in furniture.

St Johns Wood Extension 11

Basement Bathroom Design

The main spaces in the basement are bright and full of natural light. So as a playful gesture, in the basement shower room we’ve flipped this around by using a black tile and joinery. It’s a cool space that you find tucked away, with hints of the bronze colours that are also used in the kitchen light fittings.

St Johns Wood Extension 3

Master Bedroom En Suite

In contrast, for the master bedroom en-suite on first floor we have kept the design fresh and light. The bathroom has a large inset bath, a big walk in shower with all the kit and finished in resin flooring, and double washbasins as well as lots of built in storage.

St Johns Wood Extension 9
St Johns Wood Extension 10

Glass Box Extension

At the rear we have planned a glass box extension which connects the ground floor and basement. This contains a bespoke stair that is open to the double height space. The living space flows down to the lower level where the is a cinema space, guest room and a second outside courtyard that works as a light well to bring even more light in to the basement.

Feature Staircase Design

The focus of the new house is the brand new living space. This starts with the open plan kitchen on ground floor and flows down two steps to the ground floor dining room and living area, and then continues down through the glass box extension in to the basement living area, library and cinema room.

The whole idea is that the living space feels like one connected space, and the feature staircase within the glass box extension is key to this. As is the new resin floor finish which gives a seamless, uniform feel to the living spaces across both ground and basement floors.

St Johns Wood Extension 4

St Johns Wood Roof Extension

The main staircase rises from the basement to the new second floor roof extension of the house, where there is a fifth bedroom and guest en-suite. The bathroom is finished in blue glass mosaics and has a resin floor and walk-in shower.

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St Johns Wood Extension 2

START YOUR OWN St Johns Wood Extension

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