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Green Belt Extensions Surrey

Our clients had just bought this house in the Surrey Green Belt when they came to us. It needed quite a bit of architectural work and they wanted to take the chance to extend it as well. They had some quite big plans in mind and had spoken with a planning officer at the Council.

However the house is in washed-over Green Belt land, and Surrey Council had said that Planning Approval would not be given for an extension of any kind. This was a bit of a blow for our clients, so they came to us looking for an architect that could help them with their plans and design drawings.

Green Belt Planning & Permitted Development

Our experience with planning in the Surrey Green Belt meant that we could work out a solution to get them permission. We had to make sure that the architectural design ticked the right boxes. But our idea to get over the planning problem was to build under Permitted Development in the Green Belt.

We found that there was no Article 4 in place, so the house still had Permitted Development rights. This was great as it was the only way our clients could build the extension they wanted. And Surrey Council confirmed that they would have to approve an extension design under Permitted Development.

Green Belt Permitted Development Rules

To make sure that the work was Permitted Development it had to be built in the same materials as the main house, but we were still able to give it a modern twist with the large glass doors to the garden. Building under Permitted Development can often be the only way to extend a house in the Green Belt. This is because often the Council have a blanket policy to refuse Planning Applications. So if Permitted Development rights have not been removed from the house or area then this can be a great option.

PD is just like Planning, but it is granted by default by central government (as long as the design meets all the rules). So the local Council don’t have a say in the matter. We’ve written a post that gives lots more detail on all the PD rules:

Single Storey Side Extension

We worked with our clients to plan a design that would work for them. In the end they were quite surprised by how much you can build under Permitted Development, even in the Green Belt.

The process for getting Permitted Development approval is very similar to Planning. So we put together an application and architectural design drawings for the Certificate of Lawful Development.

Two Storey Rear Extension

We were able to get permission to build a single storey side extension and a double storey rear extension under a Certificate of Lawful Development.

The two storey extension also went up in to the roof, so we also did drawings to show that the roof extension was within the volume allowed. Accurate design drawings really help to get approval from the Council for this kind of thing under PD.

Wrap Around Side Return Extension

Luckily for our clients, at the time we made this application to Surrey, the Permitted Development rules allowed for side and rear extensions to be connected as a ‘wrap-around’.

This part of the Permitted Development rules changed a few months later, and it would not now be permitted to build a wrap-around. So the side and rear extensions would be fine, but they would need to stay separate.

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