Whitehall Park Conversion

Whitehall Park Conversion 01

Loft Conversion

Planning, Conservation Area

Whitehall Park, London

Victorian House Loft Conversion

Our brief was to convert the loft of this Victorian house in to a new large bedroom. The aim of our design was to create a bright room full of natural light. The room also gets great view of the London skyline and is stunning at night.

Whitehall Park Conservation Area Design

The house is in the Whitehall Park Conservation Area so we had to plan the work to sit well with the house and get approval.

We made sure that the design met the Whitehall Park planning guide for loft conversions to do this.

Whitehall Park Conversion 02

Loft Conversion Ideas

We used high quality materials such as good slate tiles for the dormer and new wood sash windows. All of the work was kept to the rear of the house, and we made sure that the dormer had good margins to all sides to secure planning permission.

Whitehall Park Conversion 03

Interior Design Ideas

Inside the room we made maximum use of the space and put built in storage in to the eaves. We found that the house had some lovely original brick walls so we used these as a feature of the design to add warmth. In keeping with this we also designed the space to use exposed steel work.

Whitehall Park Conversion 04

Loft Conversion Natural Light

Finally, we planned the new stair to minimise the impact on the floor plan below. It is bright and open and is finished in the same oak floor as the bedroom. We have used frameless glass to give more light and make it feel part of the same space.

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