House Refurbishments

House refurbishments can turn your existing home in to the house you always wanted! In the current market many home owners choose to extend and refurbish their house, rather than move. It makes financial sense, and it can be a great option to add value and get the space you dream of. A good refurbishment should be as good as a new home!

Refurbishments - 2PM Architects

House Refurbishment Design Ideas

House refurbishments do not have to be just about new floors, a new kitchen, and some decorating! Design ideas can include big changes to open-up the structure of the house, and change the space, as well as the design work and finishes to each room. The refurbishment might reflect the character of the existing house, or it might be a chance to create a brand new modern feel.

Planning A House Refurbishment

Some of the first things to consider are whether the refurbishment will be to the whole house or just to some parts. Often a new kitchen and new bathrooms are key design choices, so new electrics and plumbing might be needed too. As with all projects, chatting through a clear design brief is key.